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There are two steps to register with our office and create your personal Electronic Medical Record safely and securely online:
1. Go to this site to register (note: it takes about 15-30 minutes to complete) CLICK ON THE COMPULINK LOGO LINK BELOW TO GO TO WEB REGISTRATION: (sorry... Safari users... we registration will not work for you)
Compulink - General Ophthalmology and Eye Care Service In Fort Collins, CO
2. Bring your :

-Photo I.D. (new health care laws require we verify your identity with a photo I.D. and social security number)

- Insurance cards so we can have a copy on file

- Lists of medications (even over the counter, vitamins, and eye drops)

-Any prescription or over the counter eye drops you use in the bottle so we can see them

-Any other paperwork (POA, medical records, old Rx's, contact lens boxes/Rx's)

-Be here 10 minutes before your appointment time to sign for your appointment

If you can, please click the links below to print these documents to fill out before your appointment: